Mediumship by Heart ♥

 “The language of spirit is emotion.” — Margaret Challenger, CSNU

“The key is not to see but to feel spirit. With mediumship, it’s not about seeing, it’s feeling that’s believing.” — Gordon Smith, Developing Mediumship

What is Mediumship by Heart?

When we pass into spirit, it is our intelligence, memories, and personality that live on. I practice and teach mediumship that links our spiritual hearts with the spirit communicator; it is through the heart, our clairsentience, that we connect with other souls and transcend the boundary between the worlds.

Some instructors teach connecting with spirit through the solar plexus, but if you examine any illustration of the seven chakras, the heart is at the center. It connects our physical biology (the lower three chakras) with our psychological/spiritual energy (the upper three chakras). Likewise, illnesses and diseases almost always originate in one of the lower three chakras, of which the solar plexus is part, then manifest there or elsewhere in the body.

Studies through the HeartMath Institute show that we receive information through the heart center first, then we get the gut feeling in the solar plexus (the physical reaction), then it goes to our subconscious minds then to our conscious minds (the psychological/spiritual mind). So I believe the heart should be the focus of connecting with spirit. The heart is the most powerful organ of all, complete with its own intelligence and memory. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 60 times greater than the brain and extends from six to eight feet from the human body.

In teaching mediumship, I believe we all have the natural ability to connect with the spirit world through the energy of our hearts/souls. We existed and communicated as spirit long before we manifested in physical form. So of course soul-to-soul communication would be natural. We don’t have to learn it, we just have to remember how we used to communicate as a soul.

For more on my teaching method, see her article, Does Your Mediumship Have Heart?

See below for what students are saying about Sharon’s teaching and her classes.

♥ Drop-In Practice Circle ♥

Sharon is taking an extended sabbatical from leading this circle.

If you are interested in joining a development circle with me, you may attend my circles for free as a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union International. Membership is about $30 per year. You will have access to all of the other classes and offerings on SNUi as well; click here. My practice circles are held each Tuesday at 10 am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm UK.

You do not need a reservation. Just log on using the SNUi monthly password found in the newsletter each month. To view the SNUi Newsletter, login to your account using your email ID and password that you set up when you joined the SNUi. Click on the Login button on the top right of the page and then click on the Account button, also located on the top right of the page, then click on Newsletter. There you will find the latest copy of the Newsletter.

♥ Individual Mentoring for Former Students, SNUi Members, or on recommendation from a former student or another instructor ♥

Sharon is taking an extended sabbatical from teaching and not booking mentoring sessions at this time.

Individual Zoom sessions are available only to my former students or current SNUi members on an as needed basis (you decide whether you need it) to help you learn more about the foundations of mediumship and to discuss your individual needs and problem areas. Students should come prepared with their questions.

  • Customized homework (meditations, YouTube videos, books/articles) recommended as needed.
  • Contact me to schedule a session and to pay for the session. I will coordinate a day/time with you that is convenient for both of us.
  • Cost is $50 per session, which may last from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance are non-refundable.

Recommended Reading and Videos

“I am forever grateful to Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, as she is one of my most significant mediumship mentors. She has taught me, and continues to do so, how to go deeper with my work and to recognize where I shine and where I need improvement. Her teaching has expanded my mediumship by helping me understand “how” to go deeper and “why” I can become stuck. Her knowledge of the mechanics of mediumship, as well as her years of studying and working in this field, is beyond obvious in her abilities as a medium and teacher. What makes her unique, as a mediumship teacher is SHE KNOWS HOW TO TEACH, a rare combination. She truly works hard to help you understand and become the medium you were born to be!”

—Elizabeth Coughlin


“Taking mediumship development classes with Sharon has sharpened my skills immensely. I feel much more confident in my links, my readings are tighter, more concise, and I know that I am a more accurate communicator for the spirit world. Sharon works with you from where you currently are and supports you in expanding into the medium you were meant to be. I cannot recommend Sharon’s classes highly enough.”

—Mary Wolk Agnew


“Sharon takes Mediumship Development to a whole new level. She keeps her classes small, so each student receives individual attention. Sharon understands each student’s strengths and weaknesses within their own mediumship. She addresses your mediumship in a fun and safe environment. Sharon has taught me to blend deeper with spirit and to unfold the evidence as a story. I know my mediumship is constantly changing, and I appreciate the fact that Sharon offers constructive advice and praise when needed. I have also worked with Sharon privately one-on-one. Each time I leave with a deeper understanding. Sharon is all about building you up, and helping you. You cannot ask for a more knowledgeable and patient teacher.”

—Terri Munoz


“I have been taking classes with Sharon for a year. In this time I have learned some very valuable and useful information. I like that Sharon keeps the amount of class participants to a minimum size. She is then able to fit your needs by coaching you as you are doing a read. Each student takes a turn in the class and is coached one on one. These sessions are enjoyable and very informative. Sharon continues to teach new information and to help us work on issues that we may find difficult. Sharon also offers other classes that I have experienced as well. The one-on-one mentoring will also fulfill your needs. Her classes are very reasonably priced. Therefore it is very affordable for me to continue on as a regular student.”

—Patricia Birschbach


“When I first felt myself being called to mediumship, I was a bit lost. I am so grateful to have met Sharon, who has been my friend and mentor for almost two years. She has not only given me direction, but opened up many paths and possibilities for my spiritual growth. My mediumship has grown in ways I could not have imagined, and I have seen others grow under her tutelage as well. Even if you are not looking for a teacher, but someone to help you connect to your departed loved ones, I highly recommend a reading from Sharon. She is not only gifted, but very gentle to those who might want to have this experience for the first time, and will focus only on the positive memories you may have shared together.”

—Karmell Fenton


“Sharon is a very gifted medium and teacher. I have been studying with her for about a year. She limits the class size so that each person gets a turn to practice and gets one on one help. She is very patient and encouraging and I have seen a definite improvement in my abilities. She puts a lot of energy into her classes and is very dedicated to her students.”

—Pamela Bowen